Paying the Entry Fee for Argentina Online

Argentina requires US Canadian and Australian passport holders to apply for the Reciprocity Fee online. After payment, the applicant is to print out the document (barcode) and be ready to present the paper upon arrival in Argentina.

How to pay the fee online:

  1. Applicants will need to submit their personal information (first/last name, passport number and date of birth).
  2. Fill out the application form at ReciprocityFees.Org
  3. Acceptable form of payment are Visa, MasterCard, American Express or Paypal.
  4. Once the order is processed, make sure to print out the document.
  5. Print out the document and store with your passport.

Travel with peace of mind and don’t forget to register your trip with the U.S. State Department (US citizens only).

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Amazing Takes On Brazilian Cuisine

Churrascarias-Brazil-Argentina Reciprocity Fee

For those that like to explore food in other countries, you’re going to find yourself in a lush country full of delights when visiting Brazil. If your thoughts on the matter are somewhat isolated to just barbeque, or something that you may have tasted in the West, you’re going to be amazed at some of the regional offers that are going to delight even the harshest of critics. You’ll find that there are several takes on cuisine in this South American delight, and it very well may come down to region. The following are just 3 takes on it that you should consider overall.

Heading To The Northeast

If you’re going to be headed to places like Salvador, you’re going to get hit with spice. This area is known for their spices as well as the opposite side of the culinary coin, sweets. Sweet and spicy is what you’ll find depending on what you want to taste. There’s an African influence here, and you’ll find that the cooking of traditional dishes can come with rich stews, mashed beans, and even seafood to liven things up a bit. Look for food items like “Ipete”, “Bobo de Camarao”, and “Acaraje” just to name a few. For the sweets, look into “Quindim”, “Pe-de-moleque”, and others. You’ll find that there are a great deal of influences that come through in the northeastern sections of Brazil, and will definitely satisfy your culinary search.

Southeastern Stews

Travel to Minas Gerais, and you will find that there is a great deal of food to explore, specifically stews. While the northeast may have something alongside sweet and savory going, the Southeastern region has a great deal of influence in terms of eclectic blends of pork, eggs, and even kale, if you can believe it. Beans reign in this region, so you’ll find it’s part of the overall cuisine that you’ll get, but you’re going to find that the variety of broths, rice, and other elements come to fruition in stew like portions and even proliferate the street food. With so much travel coming through Sao Paulo, you’ll find that you could even find yourself immersed in non-native elements combining with traditional Brazilian tastes, so look for Italian and Japanese fusion to get into the mix of the smoky flavors that are traditional to this region.

The Grilling of The South

For those that are looking at heading south in their travels, you’ll find that there is nothing quite as inventive or as tasty as the barbecue options. If you’ve never really heard of Brazilian barbecue, you’re in for an all you can eat treat. This style of cooking is grilled, in an open fire, and handled in a very “cowboy” style that is known as gaucho. Look for signs of Churrascarias, and you’ll be able to taste all sorts of meats and have as much as you like cut at your table. The European influence of South American cuisine is highlighted here in the south, and meat lovers will be in heaven.

Travel Requirements

Don’t forget to have all your travel documents (visa) in order before you depart in your adventure in South America. Be sure to have your Brazilian Visa processed and on hand for your travels. Argentina’s Reciprocity Fee is a lot simpler to obtain. Make sure you pay the Argentina Reciprocity Fee via a stable processor and not the troubled Provincia Pagos site. This is very important if you want to avoid any problems while making the purchase.

For additional details on requirements for US Citizens, visit the State Department website or the Embassy of Argentina.

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The Five Things You Must Never Forget At Home When Going To Argentina

Mendoza Argentina

Argentina is a very good place for travel. The place is truly rich in culture, people, and food. Thus, a lot of tourists get attracted by this colourful country. If you are contemplating on visiting the country yourself, then let us help you with your packing. Let us list down the five things that should be on the top of your checklist of things to bring.

  1. Money. This is already a staple whenever travelling but you must be ready with some cash when you go to Argentina. You may also want to avoid bigger bills (like those over twenty pesos). Here are the reasons why: First, ATMs in Argentina always run out of money and a lot of them have withdrawal limits, so you can’t rely much on them. It’s always helpful to know where these machines are located though, just in case of emergency. Next, credit cards are not usually accepted even in department stores and groceries. Counterfeiting is also very rampant in the country. Thus, you must learn how to detect fake money in order to not get fooled. Finally, there is a huge shortage on coins, so if you’re going to travel using public transportation make sure to bring lots of it along because most likely they wouldn’t have any change.

  2. Medication. While Argentina has a relatively good healthcare system, it’s still advisable that you bring your important prescriptions with you. You might find it a hard time to look for some special prescription drugs or maintenance meds while you’re there, and they could get really expensive too, compared to the selling price from your home country.

  3. Photo Equipment. It’s fun to preserve memories especially when travelling in another country. However, compared to other countries, film in Argentina can be very expensive, so make sure that you are well-stocked before you leave home. Different photography equipment like tripods and lighting are a bit pricey too. Thus, make sure that all of the necessary equipment and film that you want to bring are prioritized in your packing.

  4. Portable Digital Devices (along with their cables and connectors). Just like photography equipments, parts of digital devices are costly as well. Hence, if you are planning on bringing your tablet or smart phone (and make sure you do), make sure that all of their accessories are packed along with them. This includes chargers, USB cables, memory cards, among many other things. Going back a bit, the reason why bringing your smart phone is essential is because map applications would be really helpful especially in exploring the streets of Buenos Aires. Don’t worry about internet connection though, because there are a lot on internet cafes in Argentina so it wouldn’t be too difficult to go online anytime you want to.

  5. Extra Baggage Space. We know that it’s tempting to bring a lot of things when travelling, but you may want to leave some extra baggage space. Why? Because it’s great to go shopping in Argentina! The clothes are of high quality and the prices are very cheap.

Useful Information

To visit Argentina you need to obtain the Argentina Reciprocity Fee. You can apply at

For additional details on requirements for US Citizens, visit the State Department website or the Embassy of Argentina.

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